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  • Are you SICK of trying different diets, getting SHORT term results only to REGAIN the weight you had originally lost?
  • Are you OVER-eating and OVERWHELMED with all of the information thrown at you about how to go about losing weight?
  • Are you SICK AND TIRED knowing you have what it takes to lose weight, but you don't know WHERE to start? Or HOW to maintain a weight loss regimen LONG TERM?
  • Are you tired of feeling DISAPPOINTED in yourself? Knowing that if you don't make a change NOW, you may cut your life span SHORT, which would impact those around you, and even your KIDS?
  • Do you want to learn how to sustain weight loss FOREVER?
  • And finally, wouldn't you love to have a virtual Registered Dietitian/Certified Nutrition Coach literally in your computer or phone AT ALL TIMES? One that you can refer back to WHENEVER you want? WHEREVER you are?

I developed this sustainable weight loss course to share my knowledge to as many people as possible on how to lose weight the sustainable, long term and non-restrictive way. A method that has worked for many of my clients in the past.

I spent 5 years working in a nursing home. I have seen hundreds upon hundreds of very sick people and hundreds of deaths. Some of the patients had up to FORTY different comorbidities and took up to FIFTY medications DAILY.

Some illnesses and diseases you cannot prevent and others you can. I have met countless amounts of people that told me if they had only taken care of themselves by losing weight, eating better and had developed better lifestyle habits that they probably would have increased their life span by years.

I want to share this weight loss course so that this doesn't happen to you. So you can gain the confidence to LIVE life fully and vibrantly, and escape the "rut" that you are in. And to not just go through the motions day in and day out and end up in a nursing home prematurely.

My mission is to help as many people as possible escape the everyday "motions" that they are going through, and help those that want to escape the "rut" they are in. And finally, lose the weight they've been wanting to lose, so they can have the energy and the confidence to live life to its fullest.

  • Imagine what life would be like if you were able to lose weight the fun and sustainable way, without having to restrict foods you love. Or feel like you have to exercise for an hour everyday.
  • And picture yourself hitting your weight loss goal. What would this do to your confidence? How would this change your life? How much happier would you be?

I’m Marc Giant, RD. I work 1:1 with men and woman that want to LOSE FAT the FUN way, WITHOUT having to exercise at the gym (Unless you want to of course), who have a history of on and off dieting but want a LONG-TERM solution without having to “diet” any longer. So that they can REPAIR their metabolism, LOSE FAT and KEEP IT OFF FOREVER, and have the ENERGY they desire to live life to its FULLEST.

*Please keep in mind that this course is NOT intended for those that are currently restricting calories at a very low level.


The Giantitian, LLC Sustainable Weight Loss Course

*Please keep in mind that this course is NOT intended for those that have been restricting calories at a low level. This sustainable weight loss course gives you the tools and knowledge you need for healthy, SUSTAINABLE weight loss. It is dedicated to those that are OVERWHELMED and CONFUSED on what a sustainable weight loss journey looks like. You probably have NO clue where to start and you have probably been fed TONS of information from MANY different people. And you don't know WHO or WHAT to listen to. Well this course has been TRIED and TESTED from many past clients of mine, and is a system that WORKS if you stay the course. It does not involve RESTRICTING foods that you love, it doesn't involve hitting the gym for hours, and takes you through the process. From the beginning stages, to the middle and the end. This is a WORK AT YOUR OWN PACE course. There is no rush. In fact, I suggest you guys take this slow and steady if you want the best results. And finally, this course gets STRAIGHT to the point. I give it to you straight, with science based information, and a system that has been tried and tested. And one that works. Also, if you need additional guidance, I offer 1:1 coaching as well. So what are you waiting for? I know its certainly not the nursing home.

Your Sustainable Weight Loss Course

Below is your roadmap to successful weight loss. Broken down step by step. From the beginning stages, to the middle and end. What are you waiting for? Time is your most valuable asset. So I suggest getting started today.



Ron H.

"Just hit my 90 days with 1on1 coaching with Marc, and I have to say this has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life!!! I have been on countless diets ( Atkins, Keto, Mediterranean, slim fast, subway lol), just to name a few, and none of them had consistent results. None of them were long-term solutions, and whatever weight I lost, I always gained back. Now that Marc has helped me make lifestyle changes, I have been losing weight at a healthy pace and hitting all my goals. I sleep better and have more energy ( I have a toddler, so I can use as much of that as possible). He actually listens to you and customizes everything for you. He keeps you on track , genuinely cares, and wants to see you succeed. I want to thank you brother and let you know how much I appreciate you. With your help, I'm going to continue to crush it in 2022!!!!"



Ida O.

"During my time in Marc's nutrition program, he helped me understand the importance of increased protein intake, helped me stay on track while I found my motivation. He takes time to answer all your questions and the weekly meetings help with accountability. I definitely recommend for anyone who needs that push to get on track"


Ida O.

"During my time in Marc's nutrition program, he helped me understand the importance of increased protein intake, helped me stay on track while I found my motivation. He takes time to answer all your questions and the weekly meetings help with accountability. I definitely recommend for anyone who needs that push to get on track"



Michelle B.

"I had the opportunity to work with Marc Giant to help me get back in shape after my second total hip replacement. Marc explained the importance of eating the proper nutrients to help repair and build my physique. I had a goal to compete in a figure competition at the end of the year and Marc was a big part of my success in achieving that goal. We worked on the foods I consumed before and after training sessions plus my sleep and hydration methods. Marc knows his stuff! I am so glad I listened to his advice and knowledge of science about nutrition. I thank Marc for the transformation my body and mind went through and have continued to use what I learned to maintain a healthy body."



Mary M.

"You are much more common sense oriented than most professionals I've dealt with in many capacities over the decades. You don't tell them what they have to do and leave them to fumble on their own. You actually put work into it".



Karen M.

I wanted to take a minute to say how happy I am that I signed up for the weight loss course. It has not only given me the formula I need to lose weight but the tools to battle my triggers and how to find out what my deeper motivation is which keeps me on track mentally. I’m very excited about some of the foods I now get to enjoy again that I had been denying myself. Best investment I have made in myself in years!



Ryan J.

Well I have been moving. But we finally finished the move into our home. I was able to do more then I have ever done. 3 days moving 17,000 pounds of stuff. I did stay in my calorie deficit. Weighed in to day and broke one of my milestone marks. I am officially under 400 pounds. That is now 21.2 pounds down since mark and I first chatted.



Callie P.

I have come a long ways with my fear foods and eating habits since working with Dietitian, Marc Giant. I have an eating disorder which is complete hell to live with. And although weight restored, I am not fully in recovery but would be nowhere near close to recovery without Marc helping me tackle these fear foods!

Facebook Group Testimonial

Bernice G.

Marc Giant, thank you for this group. I might not be very active in it, but of all the groups I'm in, this is where I feel most confident posting, and love reading every single post on it.


This is your chance to have a Virtual Registered Dietitian/Certified Nutrition Coach in your back pocket at all times. One you can refer back to WHENEVER you want. WHEREVER you are, broken down in a systematic, step by step approach. And something youll be able to do at your own pace, WITH bonus materials as well. There is no expiration date on this course. You will have it forever.

Bonus material

Counting Macros, Weighing Foods and Meap Prepping

  • Using a Food Scale

    Have you ever thought about weighing your foods using a scale? But not sure where to start? Included in this package is a step by step guide of how to properly do this in an easy, fun way.

  • Counting Macro's

    Ever heard of "Counting your macro's"? Not sure what it is? In this course is a guide on what macro's are, how to count them, and why it might be a good idea for you to count them. And of course, how to calculate your own personal macro's.

  • Meal Prepping

    Ever thought about meal prepping? But gave up because you were overwhelmed? Included in this package is how to meal prep the easy way, showing you step by step on what to do. With a 45 page guide that includes TWELVE WEEKS worth of meals and over TWENTY FIVE recipes.

Bonus material

Access to Private Facebook Group

  • Private Facebook Group

    You will get access to the Private Facebook Group to collaborate with others who have joined the course whom are in a similar position as you. This will provide you with additional accountability, support, along with answers to any questions you may have.


This course will never expire.

Invest in yourself. Understand the concept that "paying" for this course is not a "cost", but an "investment" into your health. Picture yourselves 20 years from now. The dollars you "spend" will have not made not even a single dent in your life. Changing your lifelong habits to improve your health? Now that will have made a dent.